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About Us

Today's children are probably the most photographed in history, but are they good enough? What looks like a great photo on a cell phone, generally is not as great a quality as one would think. Continue capturing life's everyday moments, but, as a mom of three grown kids, I can attest to the fact that life goes by very quickly. When they are out of the house, all you've got left to look back on the photographs. My advice is to make sure and get a few really great ones each year. We make it simple and affordable!


Capture the memories now to preserve them for a lifetime!


Simply Candids Photography was established by Kristin and Kevin Petry in 2007 and quickly grew to be the Midwest's leading provider of candid black & white and color children's portraits through schools and groups. Our "original "11 x 14 " prints can be found framed and hanging proudly throughout homes in the Midwest and beyond. Our unique style and approach enables us to photograph children just being themselves in the comfort of their everyday environments . We take advantage of the natural surroundings we work in, therefore do not use backdrops, light stands or props. Whether children are smiling or a bit more thoughtful, our goal is to provide every parent with an art-like photograph that will tell their story and continue to appreciate with each passing year.


By being able to offer our service through schools, we are able to offer parents photographs that are reminiscent of what one receives from a studio or private session, yet at a price that is in keeping with traditional school pictures. Our priorities are to deliver quality and value via a process that is easy for children, parents, teachers and administrators. That's the Simply Candids way!


In the summer of 2013 we relocated back to where we are both from, Northern New Jersey.  We have maintained some school jobs and private session clients in Michigan, and do travel back each fall.  Since this is, once again, home we are ready to build up our clientele. 


Please call us at 973-265-4989 or email us at to learn more about our work and how we can bring our service to your school. 


Should you be looking for private session photography, please contact Kristin Petry directly at the number above or through her website  Samples of her work are included in the "Private Session" and "Newborn and Infants" galleries on this site.  She is also available for special events, high school seniors, as well as marketing photography.


Our new office is located at 423 Essex Avenue, Boonton, New Jersey.