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Simply Candids - How It Works


Simply Candids arrives at your school or group with a photographer and an assistant. All children are photographed in their environment doing what they do, generally during free time.


Our office staff will select one photo of each child that is believed to be the best. This photo will be edited and printed.


Approximately three weeks later one 11 x 14 photograph of each student in both black & white and color will be delivered to school for distribution. These will be passed out to the parents for approval. All order information is included with each packet. Photo orders/returns are due back to school one week later.


Orders received by the due date are processed and returned to school approximately ten days later.


Orders received after the due date on the form should be mailed to our office in the envelope provided. Orders received before our final closeout date will be delivered to school. Very late orders are available for pickup in our Birmingham office or can be mailed for $7. Feel free to contact our office for the final date.


On the due date our photographer will return to school in the later afternoon (generally 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) to photograph siblings, students absent and parents who would like a retake. THESE PHOTOS ARE TAKEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Information concerning sibling appointments is provided with each packet. Parents need to contact our office in advance. Appointments are 10 to 15 minutes each. A $25 charge is applied for each new "face", though absent and students who did not receive a photo are exempt. This is also a time to try photos with multiple siblings, though no guarantees are made!


Photos taken at sibling day will be posted our a private site within the Simply Candids site approximately ten days later. Each parent will receive an e-mail giving login information, password and any coupon code for monies given in advance.


Orders received by the due date listed in the e-mail will be delivered to school approximately two weeks later. Orders received after that date will be available for pickup in our Boonton office or can be mailed for an additional $7.


We love photographing children! Childhood is short - having great photos is the only revenge! Our goal is provide for you beautiful pictures of your children that will only increase in value as the years go by. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.